Welcome to the LEXYAiR I.N.C. Blog! Thank you for finding, browsing, and comenting on LEXYAiR I.N.C. designs. Here, we feature our ideas, editorials, designs and all the adventures that we encounter throughout this wonderful world of jewelry design and absolute obsession with style!! I am Alexandra Iveth Ricaurte {that’s where the AiR comes from – Lexy is my nickname & I.N.C. stands for Independent New Creations}; I’m the artistic director, designer, and producer of 99.99% of all you see here! I look forward to exciting you with my fashion point of view by creating pieces that inspire you and will someday fit perfectly into your life! 

My goal is to design & create unique jewelry for this stylishly beautiful life. My designs are inspired by many years of travels and the love of all things cultural, combined with a colorful artistic vision to bring individual style to all those that wear them!

  • 100% Quality
  • 100% Creativity
  • 100% Excellence

All designs are made in accordance with principles

which permit only first-class quality and finishing.

It goes without saying that only top-quality products are selected.

Please, continue to check back often for added updates! Enjoy!!


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