Whitney Thompson Photo Shoot for Matte Magazine.

It has been a very incredibly exciting last few weeks around here. LEXYAiR I.N.C. is moving and a shaking things in the fashion industry….lol, well at least in  our  studio!!

It all started when I received a super incredible call from New York based international high fashion/celebrity photographer Manny Roman asking me if I had any pieces that would go with a shoot he was organizing with Whitney Thompson, Cycle 10 Winner of Americas Next Top Model for Matte Magazine. I absolutely and immediately said YES I DO!!! So off went my pieces and they returned home with incredible news of being loved and excited about being paired up with incredible outfits and great styles!! I cannot even begin to express the joy!!

Behind the scenes…..Manny Roman for Matte Magazine.

 As if that was not enough excitement for one little jewelry designer to handle, the same amazing photographer, after loving my designs, called again for MORE pieces for a few projects that will remain nameless for now {stay tuned for those updates….} OH BOY, OH BOY…CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

So off they went….my babies taking a bite of the Big Apple!!

I can’t wait to fill you in on the out come and share with you all of the amazing adventure we’ll have to come!!

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